Tanya Jeske

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express my gratitude to Jim Bucher for all his help in the recent purchase of our home in Brookfield. I am still amazed at the incredible extra effort Jim went through to put this deal together. He really took the time to listen to our special circumstances and was willing to do whatever was necessary. He worked diligently to meet deadlines forced by our short time period. He was very thorough in making sure each detail was taken care of in a timely manner. I continue to be impressed by his extensive knowledge of not only buying and selling real estate but also things pertaining to the rental market, home contruction, furnishings, landscaping, finance and so much more. Most importantly I always felt he was being honest and fair to us throughout the process. With so many negotiable items to discuss during this transaction, I put my total trust in Jim to advise me on who was responsible for payment of costs and I felt he was being equitable with both parties. Even after the close, I still feel comfortable calling Jim with questions and always find him eager to help. My husband and I are grateful to Jim and all the help he provided us. We will use him in the future and would give him our highest recommendation to anyone needing the services of a REALTOR.

Thank you,

Tanya of Brookfield